Another weekend saw another trip to a race to finish a very busy head racing season. This time we were travelling to Lincoln to race under the impressive Lincoln Cathedral. Our development girls were racing in an IM2 4x (Fleur, Annie, Kate and Georgina), and IM2 2x (Carly and Kellie), with Sammy racing both IM3 and IM2 1x. The novice girls were also out racing in force in a quad, double and single.
Once the fog had cleared it was a beautiful day on the river Witham. Despite a few close shaves with the reeds which seemed to be out in force, the girls all had fantastic rows and we came away as the fastest women's crew and also the fastest female sculler. For some of the novice girls this was their first race, and provided an excellent learning experience.

Final results were:
WIM2 4x - First
WIM2 1x - First
WIM3 1x - 2nd
WNov 4x - 2nd
WNov 2x - 2nd
WNov 1x - 2nd
WIM2 2x - 3rd

After their success at Trent Head, the girls searched for some more speed in the following week before heading down to Putney for the Women's Eights Head of the River. After a short pre-paddle to get used to the water, the girls had a break, got their race kit on and headed back out onto the water. The crew was starting 12th, and were aiming to get back in to the top ten. This is the 10th women's head since the clubs formation in 2006, so the pressure was on to maintain the streak of winning a pennant at this event every year. The girls had a really good race, hitting each part of their race plan well, and finishing alongside Exeter University, who started 11th, on the line. 
The team at WEHoRR provided an excellent live results service, which meant the girls knew they had beaten closest contenders from last year Cantabrigian and Grosvenor RC. They were also placed precariously in 9th place, with the new entry crews starting further down the start order in 51st onwards. Completed provisional results placed the girls 10th overall and winning the provincial pennant by 37 seconds. This year we had 4 girls who were first time pennant winners, including stroke girl Caitlin, who thought racing 4 1/4 miles was the perfect way to celebrate her birthday!

Congratulations to the crew of: Vicky Atkins (cox), Caitlin, Katie, Kirstie, Wilks, Laura, Sammy, Ellyce and Kat, as well as coaches Dez and Nikki. Thanks also to all those who sat in the 8+ to keep the project going, and also to the Presidents Club for providing us with our 8+, we couldn't have done it without you!

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