2012 Season Kicks Off

2012 Season Kicks Off

We start the new season in our new boat bay now based on the river just down from the main clubhouses.  Whilst the squad were on their break lots of people have been involved in getting the facility up and running for our return.  It is a great facility but there is still a lot to sort and organise.  We would like to thank everyone involved in helping with this project.

The racks go in.

This season we will spend the winter training from our new bay on the river and will return to the lake for the summer.  For most of us the prospect of training on the river and using our new facility is an exciting one, although we are sad to be leaving the lake after all these years.

It's back to the grindstone for the next season and training started quite pleasanty with a nice technical session, second session was a 30 minute ergo - thanks Dez.  Well I suppose we may as well start as we mean to go on.  Train hard, Race hard!!!


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