Nottingham Autumn Head

Nottingham Autumn Head

The squad saw mixed results for their first race of the season. The Autumn head is held over 5450m on the Trent, with the first division raced in singles, and then the second in larger boats over a shorter course. Illness and injury have affected the squad in the last few weeks, although the majority made it to the start line. Ed won Senior 1 singles, closely followed by Stu and Rich. The three boys then formed a quad with a member of the senior mens squad to win in the second division as well.
On the womens side, Elite singles was won by a member of Leeds RC, closely followed by Nikki and Fiona Due to a lack of competition Laura was racing for time only in Senior, whilst Yasmin Marks won IM2 singles and Bex Rimmington won IM3 singles.

Our forcus is now on next weekends GB trials in Boston. This consists of a 2km erg test on the Saturday followed by a 5km water trial on the Sunday.


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