Fuller’s Fours Head of the River Race 2011

Fuller’s Fours Head of the River Race 2011

Last weekend 3 quads raced the 4 ¼ miles from Mortlake to Putney in the Fuller’s Fours Head of the River Race. This is a national race with 500 crews, and the last race this year where the national team are released back to their clubs to race in their club colours. The majority of the national team were racing, making for a high standard.

Stu, Ed and Rich took a break from racing each other and teamed up with Anthony Jackson from the senior mens squad to race in IM1 4x. Despite being a mainly lightweight crew and having a few problems overtaking a crew at the start, they had a good race, gaining their best ever result of 26th overall, and 6th in their category.

Having won the event last year, the quad of Pippa, Laura, Fiona and Nikki raced as Elite 4x and went off as first women’s crew, chased down by Leander A containing multiple World Champions and Olympic medallists. After an eventful row, having to navigate through a large number of crews who started ahead of them, some who were more obliging to move than others, the crew finished third in their category, 6th women’s crew and 133rd overall. They managed to maintain their position as the first women’s crew home that did not contain any current squad athletes.

The second crew  of Amy, Philly, Ellie and Kate came 8th in IM1 4x and 228th overall. They had a good row, overtaking Milton Keynes, who started ahead of them, by Chiswick Eyot. This was also Philly and Ellie’s first time at the 4s head and they did well to stay focussed over a very busy course. After limited outings due to other commitments, the crew managed to find a stronger rhythm and pace than they expected – brilliant result!

Next up is a solid training block to set us up for some good results at the next set of trials on December 17th.


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