Durham come to visit

Durham come to visit

On Sunday 18th, the squad completed some training pieces against Durham University. With super sub Cassie from the womens' squad, and coxed by Ashley Hewitt, the girls swapped their singles for an eight, and after some initial confusion about the lack of two blades, took to the water.

The pieces were quite eventful, as it turns out going three abreast through a sailing race doesn't go down very well, and with all three crews doing their best to turn rowing into a contact sport. Credit to Laura, who whilst maybe not always getting her blade in the water whilst clashing, definitely went for the 'grip harder and keep rowing' attitude. A shortened course kept the sailors happy, and allowed all three boats to get some good racing in, although the Nottingham crew felt slightly ganged up on when the two durham boats squeezed in so we were clashing blades on both sides-at least we will be ready for any clashes on the tideway in March! Some really close racing kept all three boats honest through the pieces, whilst Nottingham were kept happy with a win in all three pieces.

No more events are on the horizon for this year - Happy Christmas and bring on 2012!


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